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Good morning; before &I after weightloss picture. I was huge. 

So I’ve not posted in a while. I’ve been super busy from birthday parties, a wedding (which was amazing and my first Muslim wedding), and my sister in law’s hen do. With all this going on I’ve taken a back seat on the social media front. 

So for anyone who reads this blog they are wondering what’s happening since our first IVF appointment. Well I still have to continue to lose weight. Which sucks but I understand why they put these guild lines in, gives you more chance of getting pregnant etc. My next appointment is now *drum roll* December, yep FOUR WHOLE MONTHS but hopefully this gives us enough time to lose more weight. Our consultant was amazing, he said he’d continue to see us untill we reached that goal of under 30 BMI. Anyone else trying to lose weight for treatment? I’d love to know your journey. 

I’ve now also lost a total of 59lbs with a BMI of 36.8. I’m totally over the moon with my weightloss. Check the image below. Eeek, I look like an old women in the first image, people said I looked young then, no idea what they think now. Haha. 

Anyway give this a like and maybe follow me if you get this far. 



So currently it looks like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. However my stupid PC has broken. As soon as it comes back I’ll be more regular. I’ll try and post some from my phone.

Weekly Weigh In

Fit for fertility; 

As you would of read in my introduction we are completely ready to start a family. However I have to get fit for fertility first. Monday’s will be the weekly Weigh in days; I have to have a BMI of 30 or under according to my meeting with the doctor before I can get referred for IVF. I was a little annoyed at first, not at the doctor but at myself go getting this bad. But hey I’m overcoming it now.

A little background information? 

I started my ‘healthy lifestyle change’ back in Novemeber’16, eating as healthy as I could and going to the gym. Between 1st November 16 to 12th June 17 I’ve lost a total of 26lbs I started at 18stone 8pounds (260lbs) and on Monday the 12th June 17 I weighed 16stone 10pounds (234lbs). From Monday the 12th June 17 I’ve now decided to do a low carb diet which involved cutting out all carbs. 

So my first Weekly Weigh In last Monday was…

7lbs giving me a final weigh of on the scales 16stone 3lbs (227lbs). 

That’s one whole week cutting carbs and increasing my water intake. I will be updating with this every Monday. I normally get weighed in with my consultant however she is only holiday so this monday coming up will be my own weigh in. 

So bring on Monday!!


Oh hey;

Welcome, Aloha. The Nias-Taylor’s do life; the title of our blog is quite self explanatory. This is our life and I’ve decided to share it with the big inter-web. 

So I guess you’d like to know who ‘we’ are and a little bit about us. 

I’m Georgie Taylor, I’m 27 and the main writer of this blog, I love chai tea latte and sitting with a good book. I’m an avid gamer and have a new found fondness for fitness, health and overall wellbeing. 

Then there is Bex Nias, she’s twenty six, also an avid gamer, loves graphic design and anything todo with computer edits and a complete cat enthusiast; haha she’d kill me if she saw this. 

But that brings me onto our final members; Nova & Lilo our fur babies. Nova is the most calmest and sweet cat who’ll say hello to anyone. Whereas Lilo scarpers and any noise or person that enters her space; extremely shy. 

So add us all together and we become ‘The Nias-Taylor’s’ and what we want to do is add to our family; we want to have a baby, we want to share this with anyone who is willing to read. We have to go down the IVF route so hopefully in the process of keep memories of the good, bad and ugly to also help people that might be in the same situation as us.