Weekly Weigh In

Fit for fertility; 

As you would of read in my introduction we are completely ready to start a family. However I have to get fit for fertility first. Monday’s will be the weekly Weigh in days; I have to have a BMI of 30 or under according to my meeting with the doctor before I can get referred for IVF. I was a little annoyed at first, not at the doctor but at myself go getting this bad. But hey I’m overcoming it now.

A little background information? 

I started my ‘healthy lifestyle change’ back in Novemeber’16, eating as healthy as I could and going to the gym. Between 1st November 16 to 12th June 17 I’ve lost a total of 26lbs I started at 18stone 8pounds (260lbs) and on Monday the 12th June 17 I weighed 16stone 10pounds (234lbs). From Monday the 12th June 17 I’ve now decided to do a low carb diet which involved cutting out all carbs. 

So my first Weekly Weigh In last Monday was…

7lbs giving me a final weigh of on the scales 16stone 3lbs (227lbs). 

That’s one whole week cutting carbs and increasing my water intake. I will be updating with this every Monday. I normally get weighed in with my consultant however she is only holiday so this monday coming up will be my own weigh in. 

So bring on Monday!!