Doing Life, Fertility Journey

Good morning; before &I after weightloss picture. I was huge. 

So I’ve not posted in a while. I’ve been super busy from birthday parties, a wedding (which was amazing and my first Muslim wedding), and my sister in law’s hen do. With all this going on I’ve taken a back seat on the social media front. 

So for anyone who reads this blog they are wondering what’s happening since our first IVF appointment. Well I still have to continue to lose weight. Which sucks but I understand why they put these guild lines in, gives you more chance of getting pregnant etc. My next appointment is now *drum roll* December, yep FOUR WHOLE MONTHS but hopefully this gives us enough time to lose more weight. Our consultant was amazing, he said he’d continue to see us untill we reached that goal of under 30 BMI. Anyone else trying to lose weight for treatment? I’d love to know your journey. 

I’ve now also lost a total of 59lbs with a BMI of 36.8. I’m totally over the moon with my weightloss. Check the image below. Eeek, I look like an old women in the first image, people said I looked young then, no idea what they think now. Haha. 

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Doing Life


Everyone that knows me know I absolutely love Peter Pan. Everything about it, the fact I’m always going to have a kid side to me. I still love to watch cartoons. Gosh sometimes I think I’m only having a kid to play with the toys and no one will think I’m weird. Bring on the lego! Haha

On a serious note though, the day I can sit with my future child and do activities, jigsaws, clay making and going on adventures. Is the day I strive for. 

Right now we are just doing life and this is exciting as it can get. We will be completing this and eventually putting it up in the nursery, may not be for a long time but the goal is in mind. 

More on the fertility side, we have a meeting at 9am on the 3rd August 17 and hopefully it’s extremely good news and if not we’ll still be positive because no matter what we will still get our family. One way or another.